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Be heard.
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The Proud Voter Challenge is a
Voter Registration Campaign

How it works...

Participants in the challenge commit to joining a coalition of non-partisan organizations in a voter registration campaign to strengthen civic participation in Tennessee!

  • The challenge kicks off with partners registering voters.

  • Our first goal is to see how many voters our partners can register by Friday, December 1st.

About Us

The Proud Voter Challenge is a non-partisan coalition of Tennessee individuals, community groups and organizations supporting citizens through voter registration and voter turnout initiatives so that they are represented and heard.
We partner with organizations to pursue the nearly 750,000 unregistered minority, single women, and under 30 year olds who are missing out on the opportunity to shape the policies affecting their lives.
Tennessee ranks 50th in voter turnout and 40th in voter registration.  The Challenge is a bipartisan campaign to build stronger communities through greater civic participation. 
Join the Proud Voter Challenge.  Be Proud, Vote.

How to Participate in the Challenge

Join the Challenge

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Signup and a member of our team will talk with you about how to participate!

Make a Plan

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Our Civic Engagement Coordinator will work with you on a plan to reach your goal!

Share with Partners

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Participate in regular coalition calls briefing partners on best practices and facilitating peer learning!

Celebrate Together!

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In mid-December we'll celebrate our progress and partners!

Learn how you can join the Proud Voter Challenge

Challenge Partners

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Progress to Date

Challenge Goal

new voter goal by Dec. 1

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