Let's #VoteTogether, Tennessee!

CivicTN has been working with a coalition of more than 30 non-partisan, nonprofit organizations to increase the diversity and number of Tennesseans represented and heard in our democracy. Now, partners have a chance to be part of an exciting nationwide effort working to grow civic participation by leveraging successful nonprofit civic engagement tactics while furthering important academic research around voter participation - and it's called #VoteTogether.

#VoteTogether is an initiative from our national partner, Civic Nation. It's a celebration of voting that local organizations host at their neighborhood polling site, either on Election Day or during early voting, that makes voting fun, builds community around the civic engagement process, and could drastically shape the future of the elected leadership and policy that affects voters' lives. It's simple to host, creates tangible results around voter engagement (we've seen voting increase between 2% - 6%), and we would LOVE for you to be involved this year!

Want to Join Us?

We are inviting you to be one of our #VoteTogether local partners and sign up to host a celebration event in your community. The requirements are minimal and we can walk you through the entire process of getting started. If you can commit to planning and hosting a #VoteTogether celebration on election day or during early voting at or near a polling location in your community, we want to talk to you! Simply complete the form below and we will be in touch right away. 

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#VoteTogether is a project of Tennessee’s Civic Engagement Coalition, CivicTN. We’re committed to increasing the diversity and number of Tennesseans represented and heard in their democracy.